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tv repair services in hyderabad

We repair all makes led,lcd,Oled and Qled tv service in hyderabad.
Today’s new sophisticated electronics require both state of the art test equipment and the know how to service them. You’ll find them both at Srikara Electronics, Hyderabad. In addition to TVs our highly skilled service technicians are able to repair most audio and video equipment. We specialize in all types of led,lcd,Oled and Qled tvs as well as many other types of rare and often considered to be not repairable equipment.
We have doorstep tv service,we can come to you on the day you make the call. To take the hassle out of visiting our store we come to your home and complete the work on site; however in some cases the television may need to be taken to our workshop in order to fix it to the highest quality of standards. All parts we use have

been surveyed to make sure they work to a high standard. we only buy the best TV parts through a variety of links from manufacturers.
The technology used in the modern television needs a specialist approach to repair and service. All our qualified professionals have years of electronics experience and can repair your TV quickly and efficiently. We deal with problems like TV screen repair, screen replacement, dead pixels, ghosting, burn-in, vertical lines, horizontal lines, dark picture, incorrect colors, fuzzy picture, TV turning itself off, distorted sound,led,lcd,Oled and Qled tv repair in Hyderabad.
We are expert in Chip level service and Panel Bounding and repair service for all latest TV brands and models.

  • Screen Breakage
  • Snowy Picture
  • Fuzzy Picture
  • Black Screen
  • Blue Screen
  • Green Screen
  • Squares/Tiling
  • Frozen TV Screen
  • Rolling & Distorted
  • No Sound
  • Loud Commercials
  • Missing Channels

Brands We Deal

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